iSilo Downloads for Offline Use

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This page contains publications for downloading to your handheld computer for offline use.

These require the correct version of iSilo to be installed on your device. Getting iSilo

Documents marked Needs registration key require a registration code.

iPhone/iPad users: Make sure you turn on the Full Text Search in iSilo.


Pink Book - Preferred Medicines List, Antimicrobial Guidelines and Pharmacology Guidelines [1.8 mb]. Last updated: 6 June 2020

Admedisphere - information for CDHB RMOs Last updated: 13 May 2015 [2.5 mb]

Palliative Care Service (Christchurch Hospital) Last updated: 23 October 2019 [574 kb]

food.streamliners - Last updated 7 January 2018.

We have discontinued the following publications:

Contact techsupport@streamliners.atlassian.net if you have questions.


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